Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Husband wanted me to post this...

He has been singing the praises of Green Smoothies to everyone we know since we first tried one last May. We have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast everyday since then, except for the horrible week we had to return our Blend-Tec blender for repairs. Trust me, we were not thrilled to part with our beloved blender and even less happy to have to suffer through the days without our green smoothie fix. Happily, the blender was repaired and returned to us and we were back in the smoothie groove in no time.

Greens Guide Is a great spot to learn about a few of my favorite greens for adding into smoothies.

They also have some starter green smoothie recipes to try so you can see what you like best. Green Smoothie Recipes

With our Smoothies I rotate the greens we use every week. We also try out different fruits whenever we find some. Kiwi is my son's favorite addition. But our basic recipe is

4 bananas chopped and frozen overnight
1 granny smith apple peeled if not organic (Use your favorite variety of apple)
1/2 cup pineapple chunks (fresh or frozen not canned)
1/2 mung bean sprouts
2 cups greens (collard, baby spinach, kale, mint, basil, etc. try different blends)
16 oz. spring water
optional 8 oz. So Delicious Coconut Milk

Put into high powered blender and blend until smooth. Makes enough for 2 adult servings and 2 child size servings. If your blender is small you might have to blend in batches.

See not scary at all. ;)
Some people do not do as well with fats like coconut milk mixed in. We haven't had any problems with it and the kids prefer the taste and texture with the coconut milk.

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